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Futsal scoring board control systems today still use manual way, by noting on the board and the length of time the game just using a stop watch. There was found that use of electronic media but still simple and yet scoring board facilities, such as no display error (fault). Besides, the distance control using a relatively short cable, ± 15 meters of the scoring board. This could be due to communication standard that is used in the scoring board system is standard RS-232 communication. It required a scoring board system that can be controlled from a relatively farther distance and has the facility to display the error (fault) players in addition to other facilities, such as displaying the round number (period), the score of each participant matches and the length of time the match. Everything is displayed in numeric form with seven segment format. This system is realized by creating a scoring system equipment based board microcontroller using RS-485 communication standards which could be further from the RS232 standard, which is 4000 feet (± 1219 meters), with the data delivery speed of 90 kbps - 10 Mbps. For control panel made two (2) pieces, each for the manager (field owner) and the tenant futsal field. From the test results proved that all supporting components in the system of scoring board such as a microcontroller, a switch control input scoring board driver seven segment, seven segment and module RTC (Real Time Clock) DS1302 and buzzer, able to work in accordance with its function to produce a scoring system board good and in accordance with the design. Standard RS-485 communication between the microcontroller on the scoring board with a microcontroller on the control panel (control panel) is able to be done at a distance of ± 75 meter cable. The instructions made by the assembly language MCS-51 stored in the Flash PEROM AT89S52.

Keywords : Scoring Board, Microcontroller, seven segment, RS-485 Communication.

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