Hubungan Perceraian Orang Tua Dengan Kondisi Emosi Anak Di SMK Negeri 9 Padang

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Eko Satria Putra
Linda Fitria


This study aims to study the Relationship of Parents with the Emotional Conditions of Children in SMK N 9 Padang in the academic year 2019/2020. The method used in this research is quantitative with the type of research is correlational. Total population in this study were all class X obtained 213 people, while the number of samples that were the object of research amounted to 50 people. The instrument used in collecting data in this study was a questionnaire arranged according to the Likert scale model. Data analysis was performed using a statistical program on the IBM SPSS Statistics 21 and Microsoft Excel computers. Based on the results of an analysis of research on parental divorce and the condition of the children the count is 0.460 while the rtable is 0.361 with a significant level of 0.01 that is 0.208. r count is greater than r table (0.460 <0.361) then H1 is accepted and H0 is rejected. Associated with a positive and significant relationship between parental divorce and the transition conditions of children of SMK Negeri 9 Padang.

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Putra, E., & Fitria, L. (2020). Hubungan Perceraian Orang Tua Dengan Kondisi Emosi Anak Di SMK Negeri 9 Padang. JURNAL PTI (PENDIDIKAN DAN TEKNOLOGI INFORMASI) FAKULTAS KEGURUAN ILMU PENDIDIKAN UNIVERSITA PUTRA INDONESIA "YPTK&quot; PADANG, 7(1), 70-73.
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