gaya kepemimpinan sekolah tinggi ilmu sosial dan ilmu politik Imam bonjol padang gaya kepemimpinan

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Abstract- As the leadership must be have different behaviour to become a leader, style or manner of academy principal in his capacity as leader largely determine success in improving the employee under his leadership.  On the basis of preliminery field observation, the researcher noticed that the head of STISIPOL Imam Bonjol Padang was neither administrativel not academically capable to manage the institution. This condition may not continue should the STISIPOLwant to change institution to a better and modern academic human resource. The researce put its focus on how the style leadership head of STISIPOL. In order collect research use field observation, interviews an study documentation. Data analysis followed the step of data reduction, data display, drawing conclusion and verification. To confirm its validity triangulation technique was applied.

Keyword: Leadership Style, Administrative Institution

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