Sistem Pengambilan Keputusan Pengangkatan Guru Tetap Menggunakan Metode Penggabungan Analytic Hierarchy Process Dan Weighted Product (Studi Kasus : Bimbel Gama Cabang Bukittinggi)

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Decision support systems are part of computer-based information systems to support decision making in an organization or company. The purpose of this study is to build a system that can facilitate an institution such as Bukittinggi Gama Bimbel to select appropriate teachers to be appointed as permanent teachers which are displayed in system-based decision-making application software, using the method of combining Analytic Hierarchy Process and Weighted Product. In the early stages of this system using the Analytic Hierarchy Process method to determine the weight of each criterion and at the next stage using the Weighted Product method to rank each alternative, the output produced is a recommendation as a permanent teacher. This system is built using a web-based PHP, MySQL program.

Keywords :        Decision support systems, Analytic Hierarchy Process, Weighted Product, PHP, MySQL.

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