Accuracy Level of Diagnosis of ENT Diseases in Expert System

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Dede Wira Trise Putra
Ade Oka Utami
Minarni Minarni
Ganda Yoga Swara


Purpose of this study is to test the accuracy of ear, nose and throat (ENT) diseases with an expert system. The expert system is designed to help people make early detection of illnesses so that the possibility of delay in treatment can be minimized. The method used is Naive Bayes with Forward Chaining Inference for 14 types of diseases with 42 symptoms originating from ENT specialists. The method was tested on 25 patients who used an expert system and adjusted the results of expert diagnoses. The test results are influenced by the number of symptoms, so that the accuracy obtained is only 88%. So this research is needed to be further developed to find a more reliable expert system in diagnosing ENT diseases.


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Putra, D., Utami, A., Minarni, M., & Swara, G. (2019). Accuracy Level of Diagnosis of ENT Diseases in Expert System. Jurnal KomtekInfo, 6(2), 127-134.
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